In my last blog I introduced Kim Scott from Pingle Pie. A very talented water art illustrator and our chosen wedding stationery designer. (Who also happens to have absolute hair goals!!)





I have adored the work of Pingle Pie for a long time. I was so excited when I found out Kim had the availability to work on our wedding stationery designs. The inspiration for our wedding invitation artwork came to me during our venue viewing.
As we approached the gates of the 18th century palace I got butterflies in my stomach. I was both excited and nervous because I had already fallen in love with the venue and truth be told (although I tell my brides to keep a open mind) I had completely set my heart on this one, and this one only. So, I was desperately hoping it didn’t disappoint us.
As we walked through the acres of gardens I could just visualise exactly how our wedding would be. I could picture myself walking down the aisle with my dress gliding over the cobbled courtyard. “This is the one” I said to my husband to be “we have to cancel all our other appointments”. I am a very impulsive person and my husband to be is the sensible one so I was extremely surprised when he instantly agreed. “I think you are right, we’ve found it” he said.





On the drive back to our hotel I was so giddy. I could hardly contain my excitement. The sunshine was beating down on us as we drove around the old crumbling roads in our convertible fiat. Staring out at the scenery, the sea of bougainvillea elegantly dressing the houses. It was at this moment a design popped into my head. I  scribbled down a quick sketch.
As soon as we got back to England I messaged Kim. I am sure much to her surprise in my very first email I had already attached a copy of my invitation design (of course she made it miles better!).  In my opinion your wedding stationery is worth every penny. Wedding invitations are your first chance at making a good impression. They set the tone. And I wanted ours to scream italian elegance from the get go.




(As you can see my scribble was done quickly in a state of excitement. I gave kim some images of our flowers so she
could incorporate them to be as close to the real thing as possible, asked for ‘lemons’ and olive leafs –
because what’s more italian than that?!)




When it comes to our wedding planning services, here at Abigail Lucy we provide our couples with a budget tracker, whereby we keep note of all costings in a formulated excel sheet so that couples can see exactly how much they have to cover within their set budget. (Honestly, you wouldn’t believe the amount of things that couples forget to take into consideration.) When clients book with us if they haven’t yet established a clear budget, then this is the first thing we ask them to go away and do. Having a set budget is so important. Me and my husband to be are actually using the AL budget tracker for our own wedding planning to keep everything in check.






I think a lot of people are surprised when they start to fill out their budget tracker template and realise just how much everything costs when you break it down into small chunks. Although this can be a painful exercise for your bank account (and I recommend having a stiff drink prepared) it is a great exercise for you mental state. It allows you to really be able to pinpoint what is a ‘priority’ and what is not a ‘priority’. Which is extremely important when you are working to a budget because this where costs can start to spiral.
Kim worked so hard on our designs in such a short space of time, I was so impressed with her turn around time, professionalism and quality. Her prices are very reasonable given the amount of work that goes into creating the handmade stationary. When our invitations arrived in the post, oh boy, this was an exciting day. Never have I sat so eagerly waiting for the postman. I could of kissed him when he came first thing in the morning (and not midday). Wholeheartedly I would recommend kim, she really brought our vision to life.
Little did our guests know that the invitations were designed by us, which is what made them all the more special to me. Kim created some draft designs based on my sketch. And made them SO much better than I ever could have.


When you are designing your own invitation I would suggest thinking about the following things:


Should be a representation of your wedding florals/theme.
Should align with the style of your wedding i.e if your going with a soft romantic feel then a
light hand script might work best, if you are going for something more alternative maybe
think bold and edgy.
Think about the aspects of your wedding that are most important to you and your husband to be.
Is it the reception venue? The ceremony venue? The country? Have a clear picture in your head of what is is
that you are looking to achieve. This will make the process much easier (and quicker)
which means you’ll be able to keep your costs down as some stationary artists do
charge by the hour. 
Again, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is that you define your budget before anything else.
Do your research, most suppliers have information on their pricing structures on their websites, so be sure to contact
suppliers that are within your budget range to avoid being disheartened.


So, what was important for us?


The colours. I wanted our invitation to be a subtle representation of what to expect from our wedding
flowers. A little give away for our guests!
I am a sucker for venue illustrations I love it when couples incorporate them into their invitations I just think it adds a real special touch, so this was a must for me. The venue entrance was the first thing we fell in love with, and it was also the first glimpse we were giving to our guests. As up until this point we had not shared our venue with anyone.
A Persian twist. I am of course English but my husband to be is iranian. I absolutely love the iranian culture and love that we have a multi-cultural family. I really wanted the invitations to embrace both our cultures, to be symbolic to the two families coming together, so we decided to have our names wrote in both English & Farsi. Which was a lovely surprise for my husband to be’s family.








Kim, we cannot thank you enough. We absolutely adored our stationery and are so grateful for all the hard work you put into bringing our vision to life. We’ll be framing these for sure!
To check out more of Kim’s work head over to her website:
If you are planning your wedding and struggling to find the perfect supplier, contact us today
We would be happy to recommend our favourites to you!


Love & Well Wishes,