Supporting non-profit charities is something that we feel really passionate about. Our director Abigail’s ultimate goal was always to create a business that would give her the freedom financially and physically to be able selective in how she used her time.

Since the launch of Abigail Lucy we have been extremely blessed with lots of wonderful clients that have kept us on our toes! It was a very special moment for Abigail when she realised that the business had reached a point of stability, where maybe she could start thinking about leveraging this wonderful platform she had built to create life changing opportunities for others. Which was always her end goal.

Abigail Lucy Ltd officially made the decision following a wonderful meeting with ‘Make A Wish UK’ charity. It was decided on Wednesday 5th June 2019 that each year moving forward, we would take on one less wedding and one less private event in order to be able to put on a large scale fundraising event for the selected charity of our choice.

We are hoping to work with more and more charities, to make a difference to as many lives as we can. If you would like to get involved in sponsoring future charity events, or if you work for a charity and would like us to help you please do get in touch with us.