Exclusive Interview with The Perfect Venue Team 

Planning a destination wedding and finding that perfect venue can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are an indecisive person or just genuinely unsure on what you even what. I’ve teamed up with the ladies from the ‘Perfect Venue’, a free venue finding service for luxury destination weddings and events across Europe.

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Jemina, one of the venue findings team experts to find out more about what these guys do and just how helpful their services could be for you. Meet the perfect venue ladies and read our exclusive interview below!

Hello Jemina, How are you? Thank you for taking this time to speak with me, i’m delighted! 


Jemina: Hello Abigail, I am very well thank you, it’s a pleasure to speak and collaborate with you also!” 

So, Jemina can you please start by telling us how you are got started with this wonderful business, and what attracted you to the wedding and events industry? 

“Since we opened our wedding agency Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz 8 years ago, many couples who requested our services to organise their wedding also asked us about the most unique and beautiful venues in Spain to get married in. They wanted help to get to know them and, once they had chosen their favourite, to communicate with venue owners in the native language. They also wanted the functionality of a venue search tool, which Perfect Venue offers. For example, you can search for venues depending on their location, whether they have sea or mountain views, the guest capacity of the venue, price and many more! However, we are not just a venue finder, we also have a blog to provide inspiration and hints and tips for couples, as well as showcasing real weddings in the venues so the couple can get a better idea of how their Big Day will be at a certain venue. So that is why we set up ‘Perfect Venue’ to help all the couples around the world to find their dream venue” 

Amazing! Such a fabulous idea! As you know DW have become increasingly popular over the years – why do you think this is? 

“In my opinion Destination weddings are a perfect new experience and nowadays it is pretty easy to set up this kind of wedding. Many people love the idea of arranging something special and unique for their wedding day and destination weddings are the most unique kind. Also, the possibility of turning the wedding into a holiday with your partner and family is one reason why people want to do this instead of an ordinary wedding, and they get to travel to places where they’ve always wanted to go. And you can actually save money with a destination wedding, because there is likely to be a lot less guests to cater for.” 

I couldn’t agree more! And what destination / venue would you say you receive the most requests for? 

“I would say Spain is the most popular country for destination weddings but many couples also like to get married in France, Portugal or Italy. In Spain couples request castles because of their history, beautiful restored interiors and amazing gardens. There is a similar kind of buildings in France but they are more like luxury country houses and these are called chateaux. If couples want to marry in Italy, Lake Como villas are the most requested venues.

From our venues I would say Palace Aldovea and Castle of Vinuelas are the most popular, not just because of their beautiful interiors and exteriors but because of their location. Both are situated near Madrid so it is easy to organize the transportation from the airport.” 

Fabulous, Italy is my personal favourite! So how do you price your services? 

“Our price comes from the venue’s owners, so the finder and help is completely free for the couple.” 

Ok, brilliant –  I imagine you receive a high amount of enquiries for venues. How far in advance do you recommend couples to start searching for their wedding venue? 

“We advice couples to start look for their dream venue 1-2 years in advance. Beautiful venues are booked very fast, so if you don’t start to look early enough you will not have as many options. However, we can organise a wedding venue in a month or even in a week!” 

Amazing, the last minute challenges are always fun aren’t they?! So, just tell me exactly how your service works, i.e. what is the process a couple should expect when working with you guys? 

“We are the intermediary between the couple and the owner because we have a multi lingual team of professionals to help with the communication. When all is contracted, our work is finished but most of the couples request also our additional wedding services too!” 

How do you discover new venues/ ensure you are always offering something unique to your customers? 

“We always visit the venue and check all the services and spaces they have, and see if they fits our high standards of criteria.” 

Obviously all couples work with different budgets, but on average what price range should customers expect to see when using your venue finding service? 

“We have venues of different prices and styles, so it depends a lot on the number of guests and the type of wedding. For example, is not the same if they need accommodation for one night or the whole week, if you need to hire an external catering service or the venue has its own kitchen…

However, the menu price is usually around 100-150 euros per guest, and, if you have to rent the whole venue, you have to pay from 1000 to 7000 per day.” 

Perfect! For you, what makes a venue special? 

“I love it when the venue has a colourful history or story. When you have something interesting to tell about the venue, it makes it more special. Also the location is important. Venues in the mountains, or on beaches and in the heart of the nature are my favourites. Of course the overall look of the venue and its interior design are significant matters when it comes to determining how special a venue is.” 

And lastly a little fun question to end with…. What is the craziest request you have ever had for a wedding or event venue hire? 

“Ooo this is a difficult question to answer because we think that there are no crazy ideas when it comes to destination weddings. Industrial weddings were once very special and “crazy” but lately they have become more common. Maybe the most interesting request so far has been from a couple wanted to get married in a totally abandoned church.” 

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If you are looking for your perfect wedding venue and need some inspiration or help then get in touch with the lovely ladies at Perfect Venues. 

If you have questions in regards to planning your destination wedding then feel free to message me today. I’d love to hear from you!