Wedding Jewels – Statement or Subtle?

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” – Michael Kors

Finding the perfect accessories to compliment your bridal look is a tough decision, when it comes to style, we’re all for breaking the “rules” and moving away from “tradition” but we would also hate for our brides to have an epic fail!

So, we’ve put a list of tried-and-true tips together for you…

Crystal Drop Hexagonal Earring – £75.00

Rule #1 – DON’T OVER DO IT!

Personally, I like both looks but done in moderation. Ladies. Less is always more. If you are stunting a Marchesa Bridal, Ian Stuart or Berta, you might want to take it easy. A classic pearl or diamond stud would do the trick!

Consider the shape of your dress, the neckline, the way in which you’ll be styling your hair – which will be more visible? For example if you have an off the shoulder or low neckline then I would always suggest a droplet necklace something to compliment your collarbone, If you have a high neckline then statement earrings would work perfectly which brings us to our second…


Never mix statement earrings with a statement necklace, unless you are aiming to look like a prom queen. All of this ‘bling’ will draw the attention away from your dress.


Think about the metals and detailing on your dress – is it heavily decorated with lace? Does it have silver or gold beading? Maybe it has a blush pink colour tone and rose gold detailing? or maybe it is a chic satin A-line with no detailing. These are things you should be considering when it comes to picking out your accessories. For example; If your dress is heavily decorated in Lace a statement earring may be a little too much, something more simple might work better. If your dress is embroidered beautifully with silver beading, don’t try to rock gold accessories. Never mix your metals.


Personally I would always avoid buying a set. We encourage are our brides to buy pieces that compliment each other in their own unique way, without blending in a matching set can look a little boring!


It’s a fun part so enjoy it with your girlies. Plan a nice brunch and have yourself some retail therapy; try on, purchase pieces that you LOVE and would wear on other special occasions. Avoid buying from Bridal Stores as they often over priced and sell those ‘matchy matchy’ sets we were talking about earlier.

Rule #6 (our favourite one) EMBRACE YOUR QUIRK

We are all unique, no two brides are the same. We all have different bridal experiences and we all have individual styles. Likes and dislikes. At every stage of your wedding planning process always ’embrace your quirk’ if you want wacky pineapple earrings, don’t let us or anyone else convince you that because of ‘tradition’ you can’t. Back to Rule #5 – ALWAYS BE YOURSELF.

It seems like simple stuff and well it is, but sometimes in the mist of the chaos brides need a little reminder when it comes to making these decisions because often it’s the smallest decisions like these that are the most overwhelming.

The earrings we have featured above are the ‘Hexagon Diamond’ droplets from Botias Accessories. This image was taken at one of our weddings. They have some really beautiful handmade pieces, great quality and prices. We would definitely urge you to take a look, but do consider that some items look smaller online than they are in person. For example these earrings online show much smaller than in real life:

(Image of size on bride below for comparison)